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In this edition of news.desk

1. Chief Editor: Rita Wilson - "Home schooling and After schooling"


2. Business Editor: Melwin Braggs - "My teacher - My Guru, do they still need mentoring and training"


3. Industry happenings


4. Let's Meet up

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Chief Editor - Mrs. Rita Wilson   


'Schools Infrastructure' by Business Editor - Mr. Melwin Braggs  


Guest Editor 


Open-House: A forum to get replies to queries you have, assist others with your industry experience



Open House 

Open-House is a  news.desk platform allowing  you to post education related queries. You receive advice collated by our panel of experts ... Post your questions


Q1. I am secretary to a school in Uttarakand, I need to understand teacher training programmes available in my region ... Reply 


Q2. My school in West Bengal needs experienced young teachers, I am also looking for teacher trainers who could contribute to the school growth ... Reply


Q3. I am the principal of a school in North Gujarat, we plan to upgrade the skills of our teaching staff, Can I have interested experienced trainers contact us? ... Reply


Q4. I plan to start a school near Nasik, Can I receive guidance on the selection of good teachers and staff training programmes which is essential for a new school startup? ... Reply


Q5. Does investment in human capital, lifelong learning and quality education help in the development of society and nation? ... Reply


Q6. How can encouraging investment in education and skills development by policy makers reap maximum benefits of demographic dividend? ... Reply


Q7. Can public private partnership (PPP) model in education facilitate image building and branding of institutions and make the students more job-worthy? ... Reply


Q8. How can value education be made a part of the curriculum? ... Reply



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Industry Happenings

Delhi schoolboy turns novelist at 13


ICSE council places its chief executive under suspension


Teachers asked to explain history behind National Flag ...


HC grants time to play schools to comply with law | Busines


Students make house design for humans in Mars | Business 


Tribal students to be given tablets, says Gujarat minister ...


School enrollment programme launched in AP | Kalvimalar ..


Open defecation: Govt to sensitise students - The Hindu In ..


Karate training for tribal girls in TN schools | Business ...


No proposal to make Sanskrit compulsory till Class X: Gov


SDMC campaign brings 12000 underprivileged students to ...


High Court Asks State to Spell Out Stand on Schools Sans .

Naga teachers' conf stresses on need for quality education


Centre assures Arunachal in setting up model schools


Aakriti Group 'Sprouts School' new session begins with ...


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Greetings to the entire teaching fraternity on the occasion of Teachers' Day from news.desk


Rita Wilson, Chief Editor, Develop SchoolsTeachers' day has been celebrated in India since 1962 as a tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society. It is observed on 5th September on which day falls the birthday of the second President of India, Dr. S Radhakrishnan, teacher, scholar, philosopher and diplomat, who was a firm believer that the path of education was the only path of progress.


Since time immemorial the Teacher has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the human race. In our country we have learnt to revere teachers, according to them a position only next to God. Gurus contributed to the overall development of the student's personality and growth and development of the nation.


 Today a teacher's role in society becomes all the more relevant as we talk of human capital which is an attempt to capture the social, biological, cultural and psychological complexity of the human being. For the balanced growth of a society or country, growth of human capabilities is of foremost importance. So we see that the brief of the Teacher has changed and evolved over time. Education has to be restructured and reconstructed to meet the aspirations of the citizens of the new century. Priorities in education have to be re-organised. Teacher dominated classroom has to give way to teacher-facilitated classroom. Instead of teaching by rote, teachers have to think of ways that children learn by doing and experimentation. So that no child is left behind and every child attains his/her full potential. Instead of competition, students have to be taught team-work, to collaborate with each other. Instead of cut-throat competition, students have to be taught the values of love and compassion so that they become a part of one global ethos. Let us, as teachers strive to mould our students into leaders of thought and action, into agents of proactive social transformation so that we can leave behind us a better and more humane world.

In this edition:

  • Read about Proposals managed by Develops Schools.

  • Our Business Editor, Mr. Melwin Braggs shares his views on 'My Teacher - My Guru, do they still need mentoring and training'.

  • I introduce "Homeschooling and Afterschooling ''.

  • We bring you  Web links on the happenings in the education industry.

  • You could know more about services offered by Develop Schools, the itinerary of our associates for you to benefit from during their visit to your locations

Send us your articles. If your entry is selected we will cover your article in our forthcoming newsletters. I now invite you to read on and send us your feedback / suggestions. After all we improve when you assist us. Feel free to FORWARD this newsletter to your Trustees / Managing committees / References.



Rita Wilson
Chief Editor



Proposals managed by Develops Schools (No. 157)

Our client, a diversified education group with schools, colleges & polytechnics based in West India is now looking at exiting its current educational institutes.

Interested parties wanting to acquire operating schools need apply with the following in mind: clarity in thought on the acquisition, willingness to meet the due diligence requirement, immediate takeover with an option to operate the school for a period.

Confidentiality will be maintained at the highest level. This is an immediate and limited opportunity. Please refer to School No. 157 in your communication with us at Develop Schools.

Note: We also have schools in the North and East of India looking for a buyer, in case you are interested in acquiring operational schools

Contact Melwin Braggs on 9820609191 or  

My teacher - My Guru, do they still need mentoring and training

Melwin Braggs, Business Editor


I share some reading which comes to me as I write today.
'A teacher takes responsibility for your growth. A Guru makes you responsible for your growth.
A teacher gives you things you do not have and require. A Guru takes away things you have and do not require.
A teacher instructs you. A Guru constructs you.
A teacher gives you knowledge. A Guru makes you wise.
A teacher is a systematic thinker. A Guru is a lateral thinker.
A teacher leads you by the hand. A Guru leads you by example'.


I bow down and honor both, the teachers and the Guru in our life.


It is to be understood that Teachers too are human, have needs of learning,Melwin Braggs, Business Editor, Develop Schools upgrading skills and wish to add to their experience. Teacher education is more important today than it has been in half a century. Education policies and practice are being radically transformed, and teacher training programs are required to fall in line with the marketization and privatization of K-12 schools.

The following items look at why it is so important for all teachers to attend effective teacher training programs.


1. Helps Prevent Failure: Teachers now have many challenges that they face each day. Effective teacher training helps prepare teachers for these challenges. While teacher training and student teaching won't completely prepare new teachers for every issue they will face, it can help them feel more confident about many common problems that arise for teachers each day.


2. Provides an Understanding of the Benchmarks for Achievement: Many inexperienced teachers focus on getting students to memorize and regurgitate success. However, does this show true student achievement? Without a background to what does and does not constitute authentic student learning, new teachers sometimes create lessons that don't lead to the results they were expecting. However, teacher preparation programs can help teachers understand how to find and apply effective benchmarks for student achievement.


3. Provides Support in a Controlled Environment: Most teachers need practice teaching combined with effective mentoring in order to help them understand what is required from them in their position.


4. Stops Costly Experimenting on Students: While all teachers experiment with new lessons and techniques from time to time, teachers without proper training will often try things that education might have taught them would not work. This experimenting comes at a cost in terms of student learning. As most teachers know, it is very easy to lose your students at the cost of experimentation, you risk losing respect and interest. The ultimate cost of this failure is in what the student will not achieve in the classroom.


Homeschooling and Afterschooling

Rita Wilson, Chief Editor

(Ex-chief executive and Secretary, ICSE)


Homeschooling is a type of education where children learn outside of a school setting under the supervision of their parents. In the west today, homeschooling is a widely accepted educational alternative to traditional public or private schools, as well as a valuable method of learning in its own right.


Some of the reasons parents give for homeschooling include concern about safety, religious preference, and educational benefits. For many families, homeschooling is also a reflection of the importance they place on being together and a way to offset some of the pressures -- in and out of school -- to consume, acquire, and conform


One reason parents choose homeschooling is to give their children the things traditional schools can't provide. But if you are not ready or able to make the commitment to homeschool, you might want to give afterschooling a try.


Afterschooling is supplementing your child's school day with enriching activities outside the classroom. That doesn't mean piling on more homework, or going over what your child did that day in school. Instead, the best way to afterschool is to add in the things the school day may be missing. Here are some ways to get the most out of afterschooling:

  • Don't do things the same way the schools are doing.

  • Encourage your children to exercise their imagination.

  •  Help them learn to analyse arguments, and thus develop critical thinking skills.

  • Take them out to meet different people and enlarge their world-view.

  • Give them responsibility to make them feel in control of their world.

  • Let them connect with nature and nurture a love for nature.


Education does not take place in the classroom only and the above can help the child become a better educated person. Parents must encourage their children’s curiosity, their argumentative skills and hands-on learning which can produce creative critical thinkers.



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