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In this edition of news.desk

1. Chief Editor: Rita Wilson - "School Leadership: Essential for Success"


2. Business Editor: Melwin Braggs - "School Infrastructure"


3. Industry happenings


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Chief Editor - Mrs. Rita Wilson   


'Strategic planning for successful school running' by Business Editor - Mr. Melwin Braggs  


Guest Editor 


Open-House: A forum to get replies to queries you have, assist others with your industry experience



Open House 

Open-House is a  news.desk platform allowing  you to post education related queries. You receive advice collated by our panel of experts ... Post your questions

Q1. We are a group of promoters planning to start a school in a city in Haryana. Please let me know how do we go about planning the infrastructure of a private school ... Reply 


Q2. Our school situated close to Jalandhar needs to be refurbished. Please guide us on raising funds to reconstruct the school infrastructure ... Reply


Q3. I am the principal of a school in UP. We are planning expansion of infrastructure. How do I plan the project with minimum affect to the running of the school ... Reply


Q4. As Manager of an operating school in Raipur we are planning to include international syllabus in our existing school premises. What changes in infrastructure do we need to make. ... Reply


Q5. With varying sizes and resources available to schools, how is it possible to maintain quality standards in education? ... Reply


Q6. Ethnic diversity in India poses challenges to implement consistent education nationwide. How can these challenges be overcome? ... Reply


Q7. Can online solutions lower the cost of education for the poor Indian population? ... Reply


Q8. Can gender and regional biases and caste disparities be overcome through universalisation of school education? ... Reply



Send in your replies to Questions Received on Open-House, we will feature you in our future issues - your views, profile and  write up on your current work 


Industry Happenings

1. 36 school records in CBSE Swimming Championship


2. Corporates commit to constructing 1 lakh school toilets


3. 40 school children from Jammu meet Home Minister


4. Girl students complete National Integration tour


5. Government Likely to Seek Facebook's Help to Promote ...


6. 645 teachers to be promoted as headmasters - Hindustan ...


7. 8.48 lakh kids in Delhi govt schools get free books: HC told ...


8. CBSE to give cash prize to schools based on sanitation ... 


9. Delhi government hires 6,000 teachers to fill shortage in ...


10. CBSE inter-school TT tourney kicks off ...


11. Need for secondary education to move beyond a narrow ...


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Greetings from news.desk



For a country rich with diverse culture, festivities is no big deal-right.


Wrong, it is a big deal and yes we need to understand the essence of happiness, joy and togetherness associated with these celebrations. Maybe revisit the values theseMelwin Braggs, Business Editor, Develop Schools traditions bring to us, understand them better to hand them over to generation next as culture they can be proud of. Start this season of celebration, taking it from 'just a day celebration' and making it a lesson well learnt for life.


I suggest we create a 'festival tool kit' which could have material explaining the festival, presentations / videos which could bring the celebrations to life. Bring the festival to the classroom -- from how to explain the meaning of festival to snack items for sharing to group activity ideas, have competitions around it, get our children to read, research and present learnings. Create a festive atmosphere, get children to understand the traditions. All most all Indian celebrations remind one to give back to the community...donate, have food drives, sell cards made by children. Have fashion traditions, explained and experienced. No festival is complete without food and so have 

the various preparations understood and if possible also tasted.


After all the celebration might last a period but the learning, a life time. Let us go out develop our children, Develop Schools.


In this edition:

  • Read about Proposals managed by Develops Schools. (No. 121)

  • Our Chief  Editor, Mrs. Rita Wilson shares her views on "School Leadership: Essential for Success".

  • I introduce "School Infrastructure".

  • We bring you  Web links on the happenings in the education industry.

  • You could know more about services offered by Develop Schools, the itinerary of our associates for you to benefit from during their visit to your locations

Send us your articles. If your entry is selected we will cover your article in our forthcoming newsletters. I now invite you to read on and send us your feedback / suggestions. After all we improve when you assist us. Feel free to FORWARD this newsletter to your Trustees / Managing committees / References.




Melwin Braggs
Business Editor




School Infrastructure

Melwin Braggs, Business Editor


It's well understood that the quality of schools has a significant influence on student achievement. Also needs to be understood that schools are primary infrastructure drivers in a geography, and their location, design, and physical condition may well be one of the most important determinants of neighborhood quality, regional growth and quality of life. As physical infrastructure, schools have significant impact on transportation patterns and roadway service demands, residential choices, housing development and prices, as well as retail and utility demands.


A school should be set up in a suitable atmosphere and so its location is of enormous significance. Ideally it must have plenty of space with shady trees around, far away from the noise of the crowded city and polluting atmosphere. There should be a calm and quiet atmosphere which is conductive to teaching and learning. It should have space, utility and attractiveness. The school building should be attractive, have adequate lighting, comfortable seating, useful service facilities such as library, multipurpose rooms, functional playground, classrooms, chalk and bulletin boards, sinks, work areas, filing and storage space and lockers for pupils and teachers, etc.


Most schools work from a 'board affiliation requirement meeting perspective' while keeping the environment planned to attract a target audience.


We must have the following physical infrastructure for a good school.


a) School Building: The school building should be well planned, spacious, functional and with pleasing architectural features. The rooms of the building should be spacious and well-ventilated.
b) Classrooms: Classroom is the backbone of any school physical infrastructure and should be planned keeping the learner in mind.
c) Library: It plays a vital role in the learning process of the school. The library room should be located in such a place where students will not get disturbed by noise.
e) The Administrative Block: In a school infrastructure the administrative block should be well planned. The leadership and service functions are carried out in the administrative block. The school office should be centrally located so as to serve as a good co-ordination centre, easily accessible to visitors, teachers and students.
f) Staff Room: In the physical infrastructure there must be a room where the teachers can meet and interact with each other, do corrections of home/school work of students and refer to books, etc.
g) School Playground: Sound mind exists in a sound body, so a complete school should have well maintained playgrounds. Sports and games play such a vital role in education that they cannot be dispensed with.
h) Other Facilities: Apart from the above facilities there are some more important components that need to be added while planning school infrastructure. These are - Art and Craft Room, Music Room, Dramatics Room, Dance Room, Sports Room, etc.


Of course the detailing of the above checklist and planning it to be age appropriate would be the drivers to Develop Schools



School Leadership: Essential for Success

Rita Wilson, Chief Editor

(Ex-chief executive and Secretary, ICSE)


Behind every great school is a great principal.

Strong leadership is essential for school reform to be effective and sustained. Research demonstrates that school leadership is second only to teaching among all the factors that contribute to student achievement.


Schools that have been most successful in improving student achievement have visionary principals who develop policies that focus on both adult and student learning. They recognize the need for effective staff development. Exemplary schools have an effective leader who sets the tone for the rest of the school and engages all stakeholders-teachers, students, parents, and other staff-in school wide efforts to improve student learning.

High-quality leaders achieve this impact by setting directions - charting a clear course that everyone understands, establishing high expectations and using data to track progress and performance. By developing people - providing teachers and others in the system with the necessary support and training to succeed, and by making the Melwin Braggs, Business Editor, Develop Schools

organization work - ensuring that the entire range of conditions and incentives in schools fully supports rather than inhibits teaching and learning.


Today, the role of school leadership has broadened from performing customary administrative and managerial duties - such as budget oversight, operations and discipline - to include emphasis on other responsibilities such as curriculum development and instructional leadership. They are now more accountable for the academic performance of all their students.

The contribution of schools to students learning most certainly depends on the motivation and capacities of teachers and school leaders. Successful school leaders develop their organizations that support and sustain the performance of teachers, as well as students.


Today's school environments have become more complex and diverse where all children are expected to learn and where high learning standards set the vision of educational success for all students. In a rapidly changing and more technologically oriented society, students will need to acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them achieve success in school and in life. The evolving nature of school environments has placed new demands on educational leaders. Where knowledge of school management, finance, legal issues and state mandates was once the primary focus for the preparation of school leaders, education reform has created an urgent need for a strong emphasis on development of instructional leadership skills to promote good teaching and high level learning. Moreover, educational leaders must recognize and assume a shared responsibility not only for students' intellectual and educational development, but also for their personal, social, emotional, and physical development. The increasing diversity of school communities places a premium on school leaders who can create a vision of success for all students, and use their skills in communication, collaboration and community building to ensure that the vision becomes a reality.




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