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Start a school or improve the management of your existing school

Are you planning to start your own school or improve the management of your existing school? Can your school give you more value for investment?

Develop Schools can assist. A venture promoted by qualified senior associates from the field of education brings in decades of rich relevant experience to add success to your school project. Our leaders are:

Develop Schools with a tag line ‘add value to the learning environment’ has been working to provide enhanced value to the various stake holders in the education environment.

Stake Holders addressed in our solutions

Develop Schools - Start a school

Be it assisting you in short listing a land parcel for starting your own school or a project plan designed and implemented to perfection, we will do it with you. Our team will guide you through the infrastructure plan, the stages of school startup, assisting you with staff recruitment as well as student enrollment. As private school consultants we will assist you through the challenges in different stages of your school.

With combined and diverse experience of our education leaders each solution delivers incremental value within the defined framework - guidelines of the education sector.

We work with both: Profit and Non-Profit clients

Our Services

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Education and School Consultant

The complications and challenges in each project are unique requiring experts to manage them for you. Our team is well versed in all functionality from concept to operations of the school.

We provide “turn-key” services (e.g. Land short listing, feasibility studies, business plan, project management, legal advice, financial structuring, human resources, marketing, affiliation advisory and more).

If the following questions are on your mind Develop Schools might be the answer:

  • If you want to start a school but don't know where to begin?
  • You feel education is a great sector to be in, but need set up advice?
  • You need experienced advice to make your school venture a success?
  • Your operational school could do with improvement, but don't know where to go?
  • You want to bring in better financial efficiency, but don't know how?

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Next Step to Starting a school or Improving a school:

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