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Some understanding of our consulting services:

Develop Schools

Starting a school or improving your existing school needs mentoring by experts who have experience.

We assist in setting up of schools affiliated to national and international boards (e.g. CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, CIE), individual and corporate clients

Start a School

A school needs clear vision and should be seen as an organization with clear and well thought out ideologies.

The complicated processes need to be planned for stage wise implementation. The success of your venture depends on the brand image you create while controlling costs and timelines. We can guide you with:

  1. Land / Infra : Identify land for setup of new school
  2. Legal frame work: Structure the assets, investment and the various entities to meet the defined objectives. Guide you on the legal documentation
  3. Strategic planning
    • • Understanding the market and competition
    • • Feasibility study+ Business plan
    • • Product conceptualisation- board affiliation, curriculum detailing, fees proposed etc.
  4. Turnkey assignment for the setup of the venture
  5. Leadership search
  6. Marketing & brand development of the institution

School improvement initiatives

An existing setup needs delicate handling wherein all the stake holders need to be taken in confidence on the need as well as merit of improvement.

Our team of experts is equipped in engaging with all sections of your school team, vendors, associates and stake holders to get to the root of the challenge and arrive at a professional solution. We will also be glad to implement the agreed solution

  1. School audits and improvement implementation programmes
  2. Teacher training and Principal mentoring / coaching sessions
  3. Systems and processes planning & roll out to ISO standards

Acquire / Divest in a running school

Are you planning to acquire an existing school?

Whether you are an individual, a private group or a corporate that is planning to venture into an existing education institute. Our team of experts gets down to understanding your objective and defining your need. Our research team then works in the defined geography to shortlist existing education ventures active in the market.

We can extend our services to

  • analyse the offer,
  • due diligence,
  • structure a proposal,
  • negotiations,
  • closure of deal

We can also support you in the transition & initial operations of your new venture. This includes assistance in change of ownership, continuity, compliance, licensing, accreditation, management, marketing, or other school operation and management services.

Are you planning to Divest from your existing school?

We understand the sensitivities involved and work in the required confidentiality and minimum intrusion in day to day operations. We can work as your representatives and assist you with the marketing of your proposal. By leveraging on our industry knowledge we can obtain the best possible offer for your venture.

We can extend our services to

  • analyse the offer,
  • negotiations,
  • structure the payment,
  • transfer of assets,
  • closing the transaction

Leadership searches

We understand the importance of the right leadership for the success of a venture. Each principal is parallel to a CEO in the corporate world. We can help you recruit leadership positions both locally and internationally.

We can work with you in identifying, screening, evaluating, and recruiting quality candidates.

Each school is itself a complex corporate organization. As we seek exceptional leadership for it, we systematically seek candidates who combine exceptional administrative skills and outstanding management abilities with proven educational leadership experience.

If you or someone you know would be interested in a Leadership Position, Head of School or Senior Level search,

School leadership looking for new opportunities could Submit their profiles


We currently focus on the leadership positions seeking the most competent candidates both personally and professionally.

These are senior positions, usually for Heads of School or Senior Administrative Positions. It is therefore required that prospective candidates can demonstrate knowledge/experience in the following areas:

  • • Recent professional experience commensurate within the experience band of 5 to 25 years ( We currently do not handle junior level appointments)
  • • Experience of more than one type of curriculum is frequently preferred (e.g. International Baccalaureate, International General Certificate of Secondary Education, ICSE, CBSE, CIE)
  • • Occasionally, fluency in a foreign language is required, and in many other instances it is considered advantageous.
  • • An excellent command of written and spoken English
  • • Prior school or non-profit organisation experience (many schools and non-profits seeking administrative candidates will only give serious consideration to those with previous experience)
  • • A higher degree (many international schools prefer administrative candidates to have a higher degree)

Our Principal Search, Leadership Consulting Services include:

  • • Senior Administration Searches
  • • Assistance in creating a working description (profile) of the School , goals and the role of the next Head/CEO and/or other Senior Executives
  • • Assisting with formation of  your search committee
  • • Search planning and preparation
  • • Preparation of advertising and other promotion strategies
  • • Guidance in screening and interviewing, and review the references
  • • Putting together your communication plan
  • • Interviewing
  • • Head of School Evaluation
  • • Head of School Compensation
  • • Contracts
  • • Deferred Compensation Planning

Allied / After school activities

Develop Schools

Unique concept aimed at value adding to the students.

Develop Schools Provides the students / learners a quality opportunity to enhance skills. This programme brings out the achiever in every child, is a set of multiple activities focusing on the physical and mental development. The lesson plan / activities are planned keeping in consideration a child's interest spectrum and attention span.

A combination of Outdoor / Indoor / Performing arts which is graded to the current exposure level of the child.

Develop Schools

Each activity has well chartered :

  • Classroom lectures (planned curriculum-lectures,  basics of the activity / achievers - hall of fame / strategy)
  • On field practice sessions
  • Audio-Video sessions
  • Live match / performance visits
  • Library periods - books to be read
  • Certification ...... and much more

The programme plan is to introduce the child to 15 different disciplines, focus on developing the same basis the performance level while understanding his / her interest in the subject 

The programme is based on a well researched curriculum. 

The core focus is on the child as a learner and the aim is to make him a winner in life while also developing skill sets.

To know more on this unique programme email us:

Vocational courses introduced to nurture the talent of growing academic professionals with an agenda to create an opportunity to absorb them into the regular school campus.

The above programmes also mean a positive financial implication to the school

Next Step With Starting / Improving your school:

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  3. School leadership looking for new opportunities could Submit their profiles

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